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FLEUR Parfumerie

Fleur Parfumerie is a new motivated, fragrance house business introduced in 2013, based in Athens Greece. Our logo ’s a French name for a flower. The strength of Fleur lies in its ability to build products, to shape the image of a dream or personality, more specific an attitude in the personal world and to translate that same image into the world of fragrance through storytelling and product excellence. The company’s strong performance has resulted in substantial growth year on year. Fleur products are sold worldwide.

We Are Passionate about the Creativity and Quality of our Products
The development of a signature scent is a long way trip, generally lasting between 6 and 18 months. Each fragrance starts with a dream, inspiration from a real history or moments, an “orchestra theme” which can either take the form of a material base – the mix of two or three raw materials, like an initial note at the whole music project – or of an initial feeling, the desire to translate or convey a specific emotion. From there, the perfumers gradually build a full-scale composition, tinkering and problem-solving until a perfect balance is achieved.
The challenge is to polish and perfect without losing the impact and personality of the original idea.

Our Values. We are inspired by the values expressed in the Fleur motto:
Passion, People, Performance.

Passion. We are passionate about the creativity and quality of our products, the success of our business, the dreams of our consumers and customers.
For Fleur, Passion is… Audacity. Emotion. Creativity. Innovation. Inspiration.

People. It takes the collective talent of ambitious, hard-working teams to create and market some of the world’s most distinctive and ambitious fragrances. At Fleur, People means… Commitment. Entrepreneurship. Authenticity. Knowledge. Experience. In a simple word Professionalism.

Performance. As a family-owned company from Ancient Olympia, we can take the long view and seize opportunities as they arise. Consistent performance speaks for itself. At Fleur, Performance stands for…
Long-term Vision. Common Sense. An embrace of Challenge. Efficiency.
Altius Fortius Citius as the motto of the Olympic Game.
Amphore Eau de Parfum for women / Vaporisateur Natural Spray EdP 50ml
Amphore Eau de Parfum for women / Vaporisateur Natural Spray EdP 50ml
$ 55.00

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