Marketplace Terms


  • Include packing slip listing The Beauty Marketplace Inc.’s name.
  • TBM allows money back returns within 30 days. In each shipment, please include your company's return label and instructions providing for return to fulfillment location.
  • When available, please include The Beauty Marketplace Inc. marketing materials, catalogs, printed coupons or otherwise.

Order Placement, Timeline and Method for Communicating

  • ORDERS: The Beauty Marketplace Inc. platform will immediately e-mail fulfillment center contact once product orders are placed
  • 48 hours – Products must be shipped within 2 business days.
  • 24 hours - A notification of each shipment must be sent to within 24 hours. Please include shipment date, tracking number and shipment method.

Shipping Fees

  • Shipping and Handling will be included in the cost to the customer, and may vary from time to time in response to market performance and trends. unless otherwise noted.


  • Vendor must notify TBM immediately if inventory runs low or an order cannot be fulfilled.
  • Vendor must maintain inventory service level standards of 90% in stock total inventory on hand for items being drop shipped for TBM. For example, if vendor has 100drop ship SKUs for HB, 90 of the drop ship SKUs are expected to be in stock for each inventory availability update.


  • A full refund return is allowed within 30 days
  • Returns must be processed by the vendor within 2 business days and a notification of each accepted return must be sent to within 24 hours.

Customer Service

  • 24-hour turn around is expected regarding customer service issues and consistent responsiveness expected until a customer service issue is resolved.

Quality Assurance - All merchandise delivered must meet the following standards


  • Product must be included, packaged and secured so as not to shift in transit
  • Product must be packaged sufficiently to prevent damage during shipping
  • Complete instructions clearly written in English
  • No pricing on package, product or packing slip
  • No outside materials or inserts of any kind without written permission from The Beauty Marketplace


  • Must meet agreed upon specifications
  • Accurate measurements and dimensions
  • Country of origin (when applicable) clearly marked
  • Care instructions included
  • Product must meet all applicable safety standards


  • No handwritten information on labels
  • Sticky labels must not deface product when removed
  • No upside-down, faded or crooked labels
  • Care instructions included
  • Product must include all labels required by law (caution, precaution or warning labels, etc.)

Vendor Scorecard

The Beauty Marketplace Inc. will keep track of a vendor’s fulfillment performance using a vendor score card, and will review vendor scorecard prior to distributing funds in order to be certain all customer orders are in good standing.
Thank you for your business!
It is a pleasure to work with you on this project.

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